Inter Pares Project is choreographic collaboration between international dance artists, Agnese Lanza and Julie Havelund-Willett. The project launched in 2013 as part of a residency at Hackney-based studio, Space Clarence Mews, where Agnese and Julie worked as Artists in Residence until January 2015.

Their work is continuously developing through research and performance, and has been performed and taught across Europe including Denmark, Ireland, Italy, and UK.

Playful, intriguing... Lovely relationship between dancers... I really like the calm and gentle way of two performers staging this relation of power. Openness and softness
You were both a really good example of intelligent, committed artists who are finding ways to make really interesting work. Seeing you both working together so well and with such positive spirit was an inspiration.
A lovely piece of performance; very engaging and well delivered. Great attention to detail and the involvement with the audience was very well done. They were able to make the audience complicit in the act and feel very much a part of the performance. A very interesting piece of work, with great potential!
We were greeted by Julie Havelund and Agnese Lanza whose interaction with the space and audience existed in their observation. Describing simple characteristics and physicality of the audience gave a connection and later in the ‘Acts of Attending’ was used for a final motif. It is clear that these two dancers are in perfect harmony with each other and the space, the music merely adding to the serenity of their movements.  
I first saw Inter Pares Project perform at Acts of Attending at The Place and immediately rushed to programme them as part of Hourglass Festival at The BAC. Their performance flirts with the 'boundaries' of various performance types, asking the audience to connect each moment and discover their own journey within it. The performers are fantastic in making the audience aware of their own active influence during a performance, we watch our own habits re-created and transformed in front of us. The work is extremely engaging and personal, whether performing in a small venue to 50 people or on a large dance studio, the audience cannot help but be drawn in. Inter Pares Project create work that is nuanced, exceptionally beautiful and at the same time challenging, it lingers long after the lights go down.
Inter Pares Project is an intriguing work, though its subtleness and constant repetitive layering of voice, movement and memory. I found a connection with the bodies of other audience members and my own body. This is live art in action, giving me a feeling of being involved in the creation. The beauty of this work for me lies in its live and unpredictable element.